Monday, 27 June 2011

Lost and running

I have been holding onto this blog address for the past three years with the ultimate intention of writing a killer and informative blog about the secrets of bartending and preparing mixed drinks. But I felt so overwhelmed by the countless blogs that do a great job of this already! Really there are so many great bloggers what can I add to the bartending community that hasn't already been added, talked about or discussed? Hopefully I can share some tips/ideas/secrets that I have learned over the last five years working at the fabulous Merchant Hotel.

Working in the Merchant has been such a life changing epic journey. If you don't know where the Merchant Hotel is, we are located in the heart of Belfast thriving cathedral quarter. If you are in the area drop down and have a cocktail and a chat...

Hayden "hayds" Lambert

Tunes to rock out to behind the bar,  "lost and running " by Powderfinger

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